Sleepy, Picturesque Kampot City

All Around Cambodia, Kampot, Travel Time / Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

We’ve been to Kampot a year or so before but it was only a passing visit. I didn’t even get to take photos and I had been forever lamenting that little incident and bugging Hi-ace about when we’ll go back there and soak up on the Kampot atmosphere. We finally made the trip three weeks ago during the Water Festival holidays. It was a rather spur of the moment trip with no real itinerary except going to Kep and Kampot and just wandering about. This is a pic heavy post, so be forewarned, it’ll take a bit of time to load up. 🙂

Kampot is a leisurely 2-3 hour drive from Phnom Penh. National Road #3 is newly re-built? and is in great shape so the drive is smooth and very very picturesque. I love unspoiled, green landscapes and I was seriously tempted to ask Hi-ace to stop driving and let me get down and take photos but I just had to restrain myself. Lol.

Here’s a gorgeous riverfront snap..

Kampot City didn’t disappoint. There something about the place that begs you to just relax and take a stroll. It’s quiet, very sleepy and very relaxing. The city is smallish, but with some interesting old colonial architecture. Were big fans of sleepy towns and almost untouched scenery so we loved Kampot. 

And I could never get enough of taking photos of those pretty old colonial houses. I feel like I’ve stepped into a movie set from a different era…

But of course, there also dashes of modern in Kampot. Like this.. The Millenium Circle. I kinda find it interesting that the city has lots and lots of circles. Hahaha. I think they have the most circles in all Cambodian cities I’ve been to.

And a pretty panorama shot from the riverside during sunset..

It’s just too bad we didn’t make it to Bokor National Park as we were pressed for time. But that will definitely be on our checklist the next time we go to Kampot.

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