Muffins, Cambodian Visa, and Spring Cleaning

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, November 25th, 2010

You probably guessed it right. I’m in a hurry and lazy to boot. So, though those things have nothing to do with each other, I’m packing this all together in one post. Lol!


Ok. What’s with Muffins? I love eating muffins, but this is not about muffins, the food, but rather about Muffins, the kitty cat. Meet the latest addition to our family. I was hoping to have a baby this year but it just wasn’t meant to be. So I have to settle for Muffins for the time being…

Shy Cat

It was actually Chinks who decided she wants to have a pet. I was hesitant about having Muffins coz both of us have asthma, and after losing our last pet – Mai-Mai, I guess I was scared of investing emotionally again on an animal. But when my brother-in-law brought Muffins over during the Water Festival holidays, well, I just can’t helped being sucked in. She’s not of any particular sushyal 😛 breed, but she’s one very cute kitty.

Anyway, the kiddo is more than ecstatic about her. In fact, she already told me yesterday, she loves Muffins the same amount as she loves me. Beat that?! I better state my case soon, otherwise Muffins might unseat me as her Mom. Lol!


My Cambodian visa extension. I usually extend my multiple entry visa once a year. And the extension was up till November 15. Thankfully, my Peluka sister, MissusDilis told me to have it extended earlier coz the many holidays here in Cambodia during November might cause a lot of delays. Thank God, I listened to her.

This time, I had it processed through a travel agent, I brought my passport over to them the first week of November and true to form, after countless delays (signing gov’t officials not around to sign…) I got the passport after almost three weeks. And to think that normally we could get it after only 2 days if there are no holidays. Thankfully, the kiddo already has a permanent K-visa so its only me who needs to do this annualy.

And I also wonder why processing the visa extension thru a travel agent is cheaper? I paid $275 for 1-year visa while before Hi-ace had it processed directly in Immigration and we paid $284. Uh.. I should really give up trying to understand the why’s and wherefore’s of how things are done here. As one of my Khmer friends said, ‘Only in Cambodia. It’s the Kingdom of Wonder. That’s why you always wonder..”


Today, we cleaned the house, our version of spring cleaning. We really have lots of clutter. Specially paper clutter. Can’t be helped. Hubby is a professor and my sister as well. I dunno, but they always manage to amass tons of paper and books each semester. We had it organized. All things that can be recycled, set aside.

I also have a thing about keeping the floors clean, always. I usually walk around barefoot just to feel if the floor is dusty. And if it is, well I can’t seem to rest. That’s how obsessive I am. We also cleaned cabinets, specially the backs of it. And the house is all clean. Tomorrow we plan on ‘attacking’ the verandah which has gotten really so dusty after our neighbors house construction.

Whew! I’m bone weary and I’m aching all over. I would probably sleep like a log tonight unlike the past few nights I thought I might need something to make me sleep,  just so I could have a few minutes of rest.

2 Replies to “Muffins, Cambodian Visa, and Spring Cleaning”

  1. Hi Lui!
    Thanks for dropping by on my site!  Positive comments from an expert and a long time blogger like you is really an inspiration to keep me going.  I know, I’m not as good as any professional blogger yet…but at least, I’ve started out on something…and really…I’m enjoying it.
    I agree with you that Cambodia is a country of wonders as in you always wonder why? he he.. But on a positive side, this country is more easy to deal with on many aspects which is a plus point for any expat staying here.   Getting visas and work permits from other Asian countries is more tough unlike here.
    I can also relate with your cleaning activities.  I myself is a person who loves everything pretty and organized.  I have a strong belief that staying in a clean and organized home is less stressful and make you feel more inspired in whatever home projects you’re up to.  Job well done…  🙂

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