Some Ruins and Stunning Vistas in Bokor Mountains

All Around Cambodia, Kampot, Travel Time / Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

When we went up to Bokor Mountains last April, the main aim was to check out Thansur Bokor. I wasn’t really keen on the mega casino/hotel/entertainment complex. I know Khmers love it but I was just left unimpressed so after a quick lunch in their Asian buffet restaurant, I asked Hi-ace to drive around the near sights.

I am so into scenes with really eerie old world, bygone era appeal and I just loved the small ruins around Bokor…(and of course I couldn’t resist firing up my Photoshop and giving my photos a vintage-y feel).

Bokor is apparently a very popular place for Khmers to visit specially during summer months. The temperature is a refreshing change from the blistering heat of Phnom Penh and other cities, so they love going up there and having picnics Khmer style. Which is a nice thing but the big downside is that, they also leave a lot of rubbish around. And its really an eyesore not to mention being environmentally hazardous. I do hope they learn how to start taking better care of their place. I mean, Khmers you are lucky to given a beautiful country so I hope it remains as beautiful for your future generations to enjoy.

There are a lot of nooks in Bokor which you can use as viewing deck. Bokor Mountains offers stunning, seriously stunning vistas of the plains, seaside tows of Kep and Sihanoukville and the Gulf of Thailand. It’s quite easy to identify these unmarked viewing spots, just go where there are a lot of Khmers parked and having picnics and check it out, it would most probably have a nice safe enough clearing where you can check out the views.

The photos above are from the first stop we made. It made me feel like I just came out of the jungle  and beating my chest like Tarzan Jane. Lol. The photos below are from another viewing vantage point right behind the ruins of the Black Palace.

It was really foggy then and the air had a definite chill. After taking my fill of panoramic shots, we decided to start the drive down to Kampot and Kep. Next up, I’ll be blogging gushing about Kep (again.)

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