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All Around Cambodia, Living in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh / Friday, December 3rd, 2010

If someone would ask me to list down the little things I love about living in Cambodia, then it’ll be a looong list. Lol! I guess, I’ve fallen so unexpectedly with this quiet, unassuming yet culturally rich country. And for good reasons too.

One of the things I really appreciate here and I’ve been saying that here over and over again is the wide and very affordable choice when it comes to dining out. In some of my ‘deluded’ moods I even made it my goal to sample all kinds of cuisines and restos here in Phnom Penh for a start. And if you think that is easy, think again coz there are literally hundreds of dining options you can choose from!

But these pocket guides make it a lot easier to make choices! One can almost be confused about which guide to use. Me? I just pick all of them,after all they are FREE! You can get them from restaurants, spa’s, coffee shops, well everywhere!

Cambodia Free Guidebooks

And they practically cover everything from restaurants, hotels, shopping, travel, maps etc. For tourists and new expats, this is really a big help. It has actually become a staple part of what goes into my handbag. It’s already something I can’t go out without, lol! it has the same status as my phone or my lip gloss.

If I’m looking for some place to eat, or some place to have some happy hour drinks, parties, events, art shows etc, then I’ve got it covered with this guides. If I’m traveling then these guides too just about covers everything from bus schedules, hotels, tours etc. And some of these guides features shopping venues too.

A lot fo these guides have their online versions too. Check out CambodiaPocketGuide, CanbyPublications, AsiaLifeGuide. If you know any other websites offering guides like those listed, drop by with a comment and I’ll add it up =)

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