Street Scenes: Phnom Penh Vendors

All Around Cambodia, Cambodian Culture, Phnom Penh / Sunday, May 30th, 2010

I think this would be an understatement – Phnom Penh has a very colorful street scene! That’s one of the things I have grown used to (and in fact, have grown to love..) about this place. I guess there’ s something about this place that really appeals to me. I had been called  ‘lakwatsera‘ more than a few times. I’m just the sort to wander around, just soaking in the atmosphere of a place, observing what the locals are up to and discovering more and more about their culture by just observing them. Hi-ace says that’s one of the things he liked about me,  I spend more time wandering about, being curious and learning than getting rid of zit or trying on high heels. Lol. I’m not sure if that’s a flattering thing.

Phnom Penh Street Vendors

flower vendors @ Psah O’Russei

Anyway, back to topic – Phnom Penh street scene. My obvious favorite are the various vendors you can see on the streets..Here’s some snapshots I’ve collected the previous months of vendors selling mostly snacks, drinks, flowers and toys..I’m just not the best of photographers haha I just tend to snap and snap, but here’s just to give you a feel of the place..

second hand clothes @ Boeng Trabaek Market

roasted pig vendors @ O’Russei Market

Bok Lahong (Papaya Salad) Vendor

sausages, dried squid for grilling

steamed sweet corn vendor

clothes, shoes etc along the sidewalk (st. 47)

balloon vendor @ the riverfront

At the onset, I thought ‘uh oh, another chaotic city!’ but looking at everything around me made me realize that all the ‘chaos’ make this a really unique place. I mean, I certainly can’t imagine Phnom Penh withouth those vendors..

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