Stuff I Need To Get Here..

General, Living in Phnom Penh / Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

When we flew in last October 2008, we just brought along some essentials as we were were traveling with our daughter and our priority was her comfort and I preferred bringing more of her stuff than all our other things. We still have a lot of things we have accumulated for the past four years in the Philippines. I just packed it up in shipping boxes and I was intending to ship it all to my parent house in Bicol for storing until we go back next year so I could sort it out.

I didn’t have the time though to send it out to Bicol so it’s now in storage at my brother’s place in Cavite. We still have a lot of clothes, a lot of books, my “precious” DVD collection (which I regret leaving behind when during bouts of boredom here..), some gadgets and accessories. I’m planning to have it shipped here but let’s wait and see coz I still want to sort it out and give out what we could purchase here.

Moving around could be really tough be I guess I’m getting used to it now. For now though, were staying put here and will just fly over to visit my parents and siblings every now and then..

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  1. Have you checked out FILMART in Street 51? They offer a service where you can have your items from the Philippines shipped to Pnom Penh. They also sell all the latest DVD’s from Manila.

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