Subtle Mayon Volcano..

Philippines / Monday, January 18th, 2010

For some it’s scary, for some a spectacle but for me its a  part of my childhood. Home. Familiar. That’s what I would describe Mayon Volcano. I was born and raised in Albay Province, and there the majestic Mt. Mayon just looms all over us. The whole province sits just below its almost perfect cone.

Everyday from my hometown in Bacacay I would travel to my school in Legazpi City and Mayon Volcano is always in the background, a familiar scenery.  It’s just there, and there are times it gets easy for me to ignore it, but there’s no denying its beauty. And awesome power.

My father used to tell me stories about eruptions in the past when residents near the base of Mayon would know when eruptions are imminent. In times where volcanology is a science at its infancy, warnings and safety products almost unheard of, these residents relied on warnings given by nature. Wells would dry up, the smell of sulfur getting stronger, wild animals coming down from the slopes, all signaling for residents to relocate – the ever subtle Mayon is getting ready to unleash its fury.

Oftentimes Mayon Volcano would erupt subtly. Perhaps that is why its name was taken from the Bicol phrase – “Daragang Magayon” meaning beautiful maiden. It seldom erupts with strong and violent explosions. Just recently, Mayon Volcano woke up again and  went on to display some really subtle, picturesque but dangerous eruption. Now that I’m living in Phnom Penh, I could just content myself with watching this on the news and checking out videos on the net.

Found this clips really so awesome ..

A video shot along Padang, Sto. Domingo, Albay. A small where previous lahar flows from the volcano has totally leveled and left almost like a ghost town..

December 2009 eruption -video of lava flow at night..
High definition video in night mode..
Another one on night vision mode..
Do check this youtube channel -asuseroako for some high def videos on Mayon Volcano.
And what could I say, but wow! My sister who just arrived last week said Legazpi City has been teeming with tourists when Mayon erupted. Imagine a volcanic eruption drawing tourists like that. But really this is something that should best be admired from a distance. Thankfully, the eruptions have ceased already and Mayon is taking a temporary slumber again..

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