Hotels: Vanna Hill Resort in Kep

Have I mentioned I love Kep, Cambodia? If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, I’m sure you’re familiar with my Kep love. It’s my favorite place here in Cambodia and whenever we have free or long weekends, we usually head over there. I think […]

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Koh Tunsay (Rabbit Island) in Kep

I love Kep. If I were to pick any place here in Cambodia to stay indefinitely, my hands down pick would be Kep. In fact, I have a minor obsession with it, I think we go there almost every month now. It’s easily accessible from […]

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Cambodia Snapshots: Quaint Dock

I’ve been clearing out and organizing my photo archives when I came across one folder full of photographs from Kep. All taken on our last trip there two months ago. Dear me,  I forgot to blog about it! Got to do a review of some […]

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