Filipino Food at Bistro Lorenzo

No matter how good the food in an adoptive country is, there really are times you’d crave for a taste of home. For me, Filipino food is all about comfort, of being reminded of childhood days, of my family. Thankfully, here in Phnom Penh, there […]

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Talking Bread in Phnom Penh

Yup. Today were talking bread. Be warned. This is an sugar heavy post.  Ha! I’m a ‘bread person’. I really really know how to appreciate my breads and pastries.And I normally devour a fair amount of sandwiches. If the bread is good. When I first visited […]

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Khmer Restaurant: Boat Noodles

I love Khmer food but I must admit I’m nowhere near good when it comes to cooking it. I’m always pressed for time and one characteristic of Khmer cuisine is the freshness of ingredients (and I don’t have time to go to the market daily..) […]

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