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Yup. Today were talking bread. Be warned. This is an sugar heavy post.  Ha! I’m a ‘bread person’. I really really know how to appreciate my breads and pastries.And I normally devour a fair amount of sandwiches. If the bread is good.

When I first visited Cambodia in 2004 and stayed a few months, I was lamenting the lack of good and tasty bread. Sure, there were local bakeshops but I didn’t like what they had. Except for the French-style baguettes, I couldn’t really get into the breads available. Mostly because it has a very distinct coconut or palm oil taste and aroma.

It’s a different story now though. After all, almost a decade has gone by and now Phnom Penh is seeing a steady sprouting {lol! the word} of coffee shops, delis and bakeshops. And that translates to a happy cake and bread-eating me. So here my current favorite places to shop for bread in Phnom Penh.

Bread Shops in Phnom Penh

can you resist the yummy?

So what’s our current bread hunting ground? For cakes, chocolates and pastries we love The Shop. I really like their chocolate cakes. But I do wish they’d have a branch somewhere in BKK or Toul Tompong area. For cheesecakes, we usually head over to Secret Recipe.

For breads and pastries {and really good croissants!} we love Comme à la Maison’s Deli. Some mini grocers also carry some of their products and lucky us, there’s one very near our house.

Coffee shops often have their own pastry sections so they are also a great place to check out. For starters you can walk through ‘coffee street’ St 51 in BKK and check out the coffee shop/delis. I love pastries in Brown Coffee especially their muffins and their sandwiches are also good. Blue Pumpkin, Cafe Fresco and Kiriya Coffee also has great selection of pastries. Also Vego for their bagels.

Bread Shops in Phnom Penh

eclair at Paul’s Brewehouse..

If you’re craving donuts, then visit Paul’s Brewehouse in BKK and in St. 187 {back of Vanda Institute}. And my current favorite place to stuff myself with bread? Tous Les Jours. The name might be hard to pronounce {for non-French speakers at least} but the bread in this South Korean euro-style bakery is really good. And the price is also good. I find their cakes very affordable and delicious!

Bread Shops in Phnom Penh

Also, a lot of coffee shops and deli places offer discounts after 5 pm or so. So take note of that. We got into the habit now of ‘shopping’ for pastries in the evening and they make great breakfasts.

Those listed above are the places I frequent, for now. And I’m pretty sure there are more shops to come. So what’s your favorite bread shop here in Phnom Penh?

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