The Spoon: A Budget-Friendly Khmer Buffet

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Been meaning to post this last week but its keeps escaping me. Had the photos taken with the other camera and lazy butt me wouldn’t budge from the seat and look for the cable to transfer the photos. So here’s the post, almost three weeks late lol!

Before New Year’s, Hi-ace, me, Chinks and his work friends went to have buffet dinner in The Spoon located in St. 122 (It’s very near Russian Blvd). I was thinking why do we need to travel so far (we live near Russian Market) and had to drive a good 20 minutes when there were so many restaurants much nearer. It turned out his friends picked The Spoon because of their buffet. All Khmer food.

The restaurant actually has two areas, downstairs with the entrance right at the main street and offers an a la carte menu with Khmer and international choices. The buffet lunch and dinner is on the second floor with the entrance on the side (with a huge signage -Buffet Corner – so you won’t get lost anyway).

The buffet area has a pretty good ambiance, upholstered roomy chairs, freezing aircon :P, and I like the dividers placed between each table for more privacy and there are also small private rooms for parties.

The food: Khmer and a good selection. They have about 15 viands, Fried and Plain rice, free coffee and tea, fruits for dessert. They have free water for drinking, but if you want other drinks then you have to order separately.

All of that costs only $4 per person, that’s why I’m calling it budget friendly. There are a lot of buffets in the city at similar prices but with less choices as The Spoon. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you’re on diet hahaha coz Khmer food is more on vegetables and more vegetables. There weren’t much meat in the selections except for chicken. And even the fried rolls were made of taro and other veggies.

my plate: salad, taro rolls, fried fish and egg, cucumbers..of course, I didn’t eat just this.  Shhh, I went back a couple of times, if you must know.

Next time you wanna try out Khmer food, this is one way of sampling a lot of them at a low and affordable price.

4 Replies to “The Spoon: A Budget-Friendly Khmer Buffet”

  1. Worth visting, Madame!!! Punta ang PELUKA dyan next week! hihihi OMG, puro pagkain pa rin ang nasa isip ko e kani-kanina lang isinumpa ko na iiwasan ko muna ito for some time dahil na-gain ko lahat ng nawala ko before the holidays! accckkk.

  2. I’ve seen this before and the outside looks posh. Tapos $4 lang ang buffet. WOW. Super sulit. Punta nga tayo dun. Sira ang diet. Hahaha!!!

    1. @Mumsified and MissuDilis, hehe sira nga ang diet. Oo I was thinking din na mahal and yung interior nya mukhang mahal din even sa buffet area. soft lights, comfy seats, carpeted din sya etc. Medyo mahal nga daw yung resto downstairs but yung buffet corner super packed parati. I dunno if ok din ang lunch, but lets try =)

  3. […] More often than not we eat out on weekends. It’s my time out from cooking and allows us also to discover different restaurants. So after dropping off my sister at the airport and driving around, we settled on eating on one of our fave budget Khmer food buffet here in Phnom Penh. Where else but The Spoon! […]

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