Things To Do in Phnom Penh: Nail Art!

This should be in “Things to Do in Phnom Penh” list for ladies. Hahaha. But if a guy wants it, then I’m pretty sure he’d be accommodated. I have yet to try it myself , as I’m not really into nail polish thing, because Hello?! I do a lot of house chores and they get removed in a matter of few hours. But I’ve been with friends and relatives who go to have it regularly. And although I don’t have the nail art mania myself, I find it so fascinating! I could well understand why Khmers love putting nail art.

Nail Art Phnom Penh

For one, each design is hand-painted (yes! seriously) and the Khmer nail art ladies are masters of their craft. Teeny weeny and intricate designs are applied with ease, well it looks easy when they do it, but I’m sure you need more than just a steady hand to do it properly. Another reason why its a hit? It’s cheap! Can you imagine getting nail art done abroad? I mean in Manila this is a bit hard to find and if you find a salon that offers this, you’d have to pay a really steep price. But here in Cambo, they only charge from $2 {a bit more if its a complicated design} per design. And that covers your ten fingers already, lol!

Also if you have a short nail, you can just get yourself a temporary, glued long nails complete with the fancy nail art you want. Some even have glittery stuff. If you want blings and glitters you’d be spoiled for choice.

Nail Art Phnom Penh

Nail Art Phnom Penh

And here’s what I also observed in that salon we frequent in Sorya Mall… A Nail Art Training Corner! These ladies are actually learning and honing their nail art craft perfection. Cool, right?

Nail Art Phnom Penh

Nail Art Phnom Penh

Thanks to PinayMum, for letting me tag along her nair art session . She’s the hand model in the first photo 😀

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  1. Laura Pol

    December 24, 2013 at 6:06 am

    Wow this is so cool! Were going to be moving to Cambodia in a few years and I do nail art now!

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