Should You Try PiPay Cambodia Payments?

Living in Phnom Penh, Services in Cambodia / Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Pink. H O T  P I N K!

That’s what caught my attention about PiPay. Their brand uses this shocking splash of hot pink! Let’s be honest, you might not like pink but there is no denying its out to grab attention.

What exactly is PiPay?

It’s a mobile payment app in Cambodia. The concept is all about cashless, quick and convenient transactions whether you are paying in store, transferring money or paying your utility bills.

It’s an intriguing concept and I was stoked that Cambodia is joining in on the cashless payments trend. I’m always the one for easy and convenient payment systems.

How to Use PiPay Payments



I’ve always been using Paypal in Cambodia, PayGo and I also make the most use of my Cambodia bank cards for transactions so I was very much on board and decided to try out this service.

Of course, there would always be naysayers and they would argue that Cambodia is not exactly ready yet for ‘cashless’ shopping and payments considering that the country’s banking system is just improving.


BUT I’m guessing PiPay is banking on the younger set who are tech-savvy, starting to work and managing their finances. Add to the growing banking industry and affordable mobile internet connection, PiPay may be on to something awesome.

On to my review about PiPay services.

PiPay Cambodia Review

I downloaded the PiPay app on my Android device (It’s also available for iOs). Installation was a breeze. The app though has a tendency to freeze when I swipe my screen too fast or when I open the maps to check merchant or cash-in locations.

At that time, I messaged their Facebook page and while they seemed unable to correct the issue, I was still pleased that at least they were responsive to comments, complaints and suggestions.

To use the service you have to CASH IN. You can do this in their cash in locations and in PayGO kiosks. You may load your ‘PiPay WALLET’ in Khmer riels and US dollars. And the amounts can easily be transferred between the riels and dollar wallets.

For a regular account, you can only load a maximum of $100 and 400,000KHR. Otherwise, you need to upgrade your account by visiting one of the PiPay hubs.

Once I’ve loaded my PiPay wallets, I tried it out. I loaded my account for the first time in one of the kiosks in Aeon Mall. They will simply ask for your mobile number connected to your PiPay account, then you have to key in your PIN. And, voila!

How did I pay my purchases at the merchant location? It was a pretty simple process. I just ordered, as usual, when I called for the bill, I just told the cashier I’ll pay with PiPay. I just needed to key in my mobile number and PIN on their payment processor. I get notified on my mobile and that’s it!

Painless, easy and I found myself marvelling at technology. Hahaha!

You might ask, what’s the advantage of using this cashless form of payment when I can easily pay with just the cash in my wallet?

The answer: Great DISCOUNTS!

Who doesn’t like discounts?! And seriously, the offers from PiPay merchants are too good to not avail of! Would you refuse a 20% OFF discount at Carl’s Jr and Cold Stone Creamery every Monday and Tuesday? Or 20% OFF on your what you order at Pepper Lunch?

10% OFF on your shopping bill at Zando? Discounts on your movie tickets? Pharmacy buys? The list is quite extensive and this is the biggest reason I would say YES to the question, should you use PiPay payment service.

A 10% discount on your $20 food bill at Pizza Company may not be much. But hey its enough to pay for your next PassApp ride! And these little things add up.

PiPay Receipt
Ha! Proof of My PiPay Addiction. Almost $5 discount? Not bad at all!!

There is one thing I don’t like though.

DO NOT TOP-UP YOUR MOBILE PHONE using PiPay. At least until they have it fixed. I tried this twice (yeah, I have masochistic tendencies!), the first transaction, I never received. While the 2nd transaction, took about two days to reach my mobile. So this is a definite con.

Transfering to and from other PiPay accounts is easy. I’ve also tried transferring my PiPay balance to my ABA Account and it went without a hitch. That’s one thing I also liked about this service. You can easily CASH OUT an amount from your PiPay wallet. Either by visiting the PiPay hubs or just transferring the amount to your ABA account.

Overall, I’d recommend PiPay service.

It’s not perfect, but it’s working well. It’s easy to use, convenient and you get to save a lot.

You can check out these useful tutorial videos from PiPay’s FB Page:

Have you tried this service already? If you have, share your PiPay experience in the comments section.

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