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I’ve been getting lots of emails, inquiries about my previous post about Finding the Ideal Internet Service Provider in Phnom Penh. And I also just realized the post was dated 2009 so its really out of date and cannot be of much help to anyone.

Thankfully, the fierce competition between ISP’s and with mobile phone networks joining the fray, has been so beneficial for us subscribers. On my previous post, I lamented the fact that internet here is so pricey. Not anymore. And that deserves a big YAY! from me. Whereas before one has to shell out hundreds just to get a lousy connection at home, now, you don’t have to spend big bucks to have a decent one.

I’m currently using Metfone’s METNET service. For some reason I think someone up above is favoring me and my connection has been reliable most of the time. Note that this uses a cable transmission wire and the only interruptions I’ve experienced was when the wires are cut off because of huge construction trucks annoyingly carting over the cable wires and cutting it off. And METNET’s technical team has been great at rushing over and getting it fixed usually within a few hours after I make a call.

I subscribed to a 256 kbps ($25/month) 3 Mbps ($18/mo) unlimited subscription. Also, whenever I do speed tests, I usually get numbers higher than my subscription.

So that’s why I’m sticking to MetNet for now. BUT, I can only speak for my location {Boeung Tompeun Area} coz some areas I’ve heard MetNet’s service is not as good. So I guess this is all a ‘wait-and-see’ game. If it doesn’t work, then its cheap enough to get another ISP provider. Having fierce competition among ISP’s is just good news for us. Plenty of choices and prices are getting cheaper.

Here’s a new and updated list of ISP’s here in Phnom Penh..{This is by no means a complete list, if you know new ISP’s, please leave a comment with the link so I could keep it updated}

Phnom Penh Mobile 3G Providers:

Most of the providers introduces new packages, promotions, tariffs every so often so I won’t be including their internet packages in this post. Please just visit the links to get the most updated offerings.

Internet Service Providers:

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  1. Thinking of switching to another ISP….kaso tinatamad pa ako ngayon. Hahaha!!! And I don’t know which ISP to choose.  Andami na nila. Hihi!

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