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If you often have transactions online, ie. you work as a freelancer, you blog, or you just enjoy shopping online, you most probably have encountered Paypal. It’s a service that allows you to pay or be paid online, using bank accounts, credit/debit cards or your Paypal account balance without sharing your financial information.

I often use Paypal to pay for goods and services, mostly domain registrations, web hosting and online shopping. There are some merchants were I find it much easier to pay via Paypal (using my Cambodia based debit card) than directly paying using the same debit card. There has been many instances where I always get an error while paying direct as compared to paying through Paypal’s gateway. You can even use Paypal checkout without opening a Paypal account which is very convenient.

Anyway, this post is about this question: Can you use Paypal if you are based in Cambodia?

My answer would be a YES! But, note that you can only use Paypal when paying or sending out money. You cannot withdraw your Paypal account balances (at the time of writing, withdrawals to Cambodia is not yet available).

How Do You Fund Your Paypal Account from Cambodia?

I fund my Paypal account using my ABA bank account. I simply added the debit card to my Paypal account, then verified.

During verification, Paypal will deduct a small amount from your account (about a dollar or so) then when those charges reflect on your bank statement, it will also show a code. It helps to have online banking to make this faster. Once you have the code, just go back to Paypal website and enter the code. Once verified, Paypal will credit back the amount they deducted from your bank account.

After verification is done, you can now transfer money easily from your Cambodia account to your Paypal account.

**I have only tried this personally with ABA, Cathay United Bank and Campu Bank. All worked as expected. I haven’t tried other local banks, but if you have any experience with adding them to Paypal, would love to have your feedback in comment section.**

What if I Don’t Have a Cambodia Bank Account? Or I don’t Want to Use my Local Bank Account?

If you don’t have the option of using a Cambodia bank account, or perhaps you just need to fund your Paypal account a few times and don’t want to use your local bank account, I discovered a work around for funding Paypal from Cambodia.

I used PayGo. It’s a local payment services app downloadable for free from iOs or Android platforms. The local bank behind PayGo is ABA bank. After you have it installed, you can register an account, then you have to load your PayGo account at least $5. This can be done on PayGo kiosks/ABA cash in kiosks all over the country.

Once you have at least $5 on your account, you can then request Virtual Mastercard (view instructions on how to issue a card). Note that the virtual card will have a validity of only a few months. You can then add this to your Paypal account, same process as above for verification. Once verified you can easily send funds from your PayGo wallet to your Paypal Cambodia account.

Keep in mind that each transaction using PayGo wallet will incur some charges. A few cents, I had been charged $0.10 for a transfer last time. So if you intend to use this for recurring payments, do consider the charges. But for single or just few Paypal payments, this is a good option. Having so many PayGo reload kiosks all over the city is also a huge convenience for me.

There are other alternative services available locally like SmartPay but I don’t have experience with that but if you have tried using these for Paypal, let us know in comments.

How Do I Withdraw my Paypal Balance to Cambodia?

At the time of writing, Paypal still does not allow withdrawals to Cambodia. Yeah, it sucks. All the more so if you are a freelancer or perhaps get paid for your work via Paypal. But I do hope sometime in the near future they will allow it.

My simple workaround for this. Paypal allows sending $$$ from one account to another and I use this method to get my money.  I also have a Paypal account based in the Philippines, linked to my Philippine bank account. So what I do is to send my Paypal Cambodiabalance to my Paypal Philippines. Paypal has a fee for this but I don’t mind as long as I can get my money. Ha! Once the amount is in my Paypal PH account, I just withdraw to my Ph bank account.

This can be an option for you if you have another Paypal account in a country that allows direct to bank withdrawals.

If you have questions or you want to share your Paypal Cambodia experiences, please drop a comment below. Cheers!

PS. I do not offer Paypal transfer services so please don’t message me about helping facilitate transfers. Thanks!

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