We Love Yogurt!

Living in Phnom Penh, Restaurants - Cambodia / Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Yes, we do love ice cream and we occassionally indulge on it. But now we found a better alternative. It’s healthier and equally yummy. Yogurt is actually milk fermented with bacteria to give it a tangy taste.

I love it with fruits while my daughter prefers to have it as a smoothie. We usually load up on yogurt whenever we go grocery shopping or if we want to have it out, we all love going to Phnom Penh’s snow yogurt. They have delish options plus free wi-fi on their shop near Sovanna mall.

We all love the taste and aside from that I love it coz its less fattenning. No need to rush and worry about compensating with gym time after you eat a lot of it. It is also cultured with good bacteria which has been known to have good effects and helps in keeping your tummy healthy.

So everytime we crave a bit of sweet or chilled desserts, we now have a good alternative in yogurts!

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  1. We’d like to thanks for your post and support Snow Yogurt for a long time. Coming soon the 3rd Snow Yogurt Store in Pencil near River Side. For further information discount, Please ask the other Snow Yogurt branch at Sovanna and Sorya Shopping Center.

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