Weekend in Sihanoukville Cambodia

All Around Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Travel Time / Sunday, April 11th, 2010

When the heat and chaos of Phnom Penh becomes unbearable, we usually just hightail it to Cambodia’s beach town Sihanoukville. Just like two weeks ago, it was end of the term for the school where Hi-ace a.k.a Senador is teaching so we had the whole weekend to do as we like. We then opted to go again to Sihanoukville for some swimming and seafoods. Sihanoukville’s beaches are not really as pretty as the one’s I’ve seen before and compared to other beaches in Asia it might look a bit shabby but it has its own brand of charm. The town itself doesn’t really have much in terms of places to visit but I guess its appeal is its laid-back atmosphere. You really can de-stress and relax..

Going there is pretty easy. Lots of buses ply the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville route and the road is also in very good condition. Last time we took Capitol Tours, left Phnom Penh around 7 am and before 12 noon we were already breathing in the cool breeze from the beach..

There are plenty of place to stay in Sihanoukville and we booked Orchidee Guesthouse along Tola St. near Occheateul Beach. We picked this place because, our friends whom we were meeting over there was staying there, it has a pool, it’s very near the beach but a bit far off from the party/backpacker atmosphere of Serendipity Beach so we could enjoy some peace and quiet. There were also plenty of eating places nearby so eating lunch and dinner was no problem. It turned out to be a really good value hotel. Imagine we paid only $22/night for a bungalow room with twin beds, AC, mini-ref, a safe, a flat TV. The bathroom was a bit small but it was good enough as it was spotless clean and the shower lovely. And the added value to that price, free daily buffet breakfast for two. And the breakfast wasn’t bad either, lots of choices of bread, spreads, cold cuts, coffee, they even had fried rice..

Once we were settled on our room, we grabbed a quick lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. After that we took a stroll along Occheateul Beach, onwards to Serendipity Beach, then we passed by the numerous bars before going around the Golden Lion Monument.Occheateul is the most popular beach for locals and tourists alike. You can see a lot of shacks offering seafoods, refreshments and since this is a public beach there are lots of vendors too. I like swimming here but you have to be careful about our belongings when in this beach. Serendipity Beach I think is not as nice swimming place but this part is extremely popular with foreigners specially backpackers. Lots of bars, parties etc here..This is also a place to look for really cheap lodgings..

Occheateul Beach, Sihanoukville

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville

After a quick rest at the hotel we met up again with friends, dropped by Otres Beach but it wasn’t to our liking ( the winds were blowing heavily and so the waves were too big for the kids) ┬áso we decided to go to Sokha Beach for swimming. This is a private beach exclusive for hotel guests. But you can also pay the daily entrance fee of $6 per pax to enjoy the beach and the swimming pool. The kids of course had a lovely time frolicking around..

Sokha Beach, Sihanoukville

After a couple of hour swimming on the beach we went back to the hotel, then took a dip again on the pool. Hayy, I guess kids are really insatiable when it comes to swimming. We then had our dinner at our usual place Moon Shack II along Tola St.

The next day was pretty interesting.. but I’ll be posting that a little later. I’m really all bushed today..

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