Went Shopping with $20 and Got This..

Living in Phnom Penh, Shopping in Phnom Penh / Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I was in need of a little retail therapy. I have yet really to sample what shopping in Phnom Penh is all about. I had been in a horrendous mood for the last couple of days, must be PMS or I simply have tons to do and no time to do facials or even have pedicure. Anyway, a few days ago, I decided to treat myself to some shopping. I wanted to go early so the malls were not an option so I went to Psar Tuol Tompoung (Russian Market) to see what I could interest me.

That’s one the things I miss in Manila. The malls and shopping :). From where we lived in Cavite, an SM Mall was just a couple of minutes stroll so I usually have my retail fix every so often. Here in Phnom Penh, though there are air-conditioned malls I find them too smallish and some vendors are really in for the kill (I mean they really overprice!) so I prefer going there with a Khmer (more bargaining power..) or I just go over to Tuol Tompoung Market. I guess malling isn’t yet so much a part of Cambodia culture :D.

I decided to play a little game and see what I could buy with $20. I figured not much. I was wrong. One of the reasons Tuol Tompoung Market is really popular with the tourists – Brand Name Clothing @ a fraction of its original price. No, they are not second hand. All brand new, I don’t have any idea how it got there but I have a few guesses. They are all from garments factories from all over Phnom Penh. Brands like Calvin Klein, Levis, Gap, Colombia, Billabong, Banana Republic, Dockers, Old Navy, H & M to name a few and in-house brands of some US chains like K-Mart.

So, if one really has a thing for brand name clothing at super discounted prices then you wouldn’t mind, the hot and claustrophobic market. It’s actually fun and reminded me so much of Divisoria, Manila on its not so crowded days.

After about an hour shopping around, I spent a total of $16 and here’s what I got!

2 Old Navy Tank Tops, 3 Old Navy Stretch Pants (perfect for working out!) and 2 H & M shirts for Chinks. Not Bad for less than $20 bucks. Now, I’m planning my next shopping outing..

If you’re visiting Phnom Penh, Tuol Tompoung Market (check the map here) is a must visit. Not only can you find Western clothing at bargain prices, but this place is also full-packed with quality souvenirs, Cambodian silk, and if you’re gastronomically adventurous, try out the yummy Cambodian food on the food stalls in the middle of the market.

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