What To Giveaway?

General / Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

I was in a ‘take-a-breather’ and have a look at what I’ve done with blogging mood last week. I was busy making a blog master list, blog posting schedule and doing that made me realize from one blog hosted in Blogger, my online endeavors have mushroomed into something big, well its big at least for me. I’m a one-woman show you know, I don’t have writers on my payroll hahaha so having more than 10 blogs is big.

How do I keep up with it? By being organized and picking only topics that I have real interest in. I have learned early on that I always end up abandoning blogs when the topics are not of interest to me, so I stick to stuff close to my heart. Also, from something that I considered a hobby, blogging is now earning me a decent side income! An added motivator :D.

I’ve been blogging for close to five years already and this blog is running towards its 4th year, and I figured its about time I give something back to my precious few readers. I’ve been thinking of running regular giveaways on my blogs. Since this blog is all about living as an expat in Phnom Penh and exploring Cambodian culture, then its just a cool idea if I giveaway stuff uniquely Khmer and other items made in Cambodia. What do you think?

I still have to think about the mechanics etc, so I’ll be posting the details soon. Any thoughts or suggestions? What would you like to get as giveaways?

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