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General / Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Seriously. When will I ever get to post my blog drafts on time? Like this one for instance, I was supposed to post this draft a couple of days ago just in time for Hi-ace’s birthday. But now its been a couple of days after his birthday that I just remembered that yeah! I have a post for him sitting right here on my ‘to post’ folder. Another example is my series of posts about our trip to Koh Kong. I feel like knocking my head on the wall. Hello! We took the trip last August and its now October and I haven’t done anything about posting it yet.

Procrastination is one of my bad habits. And its not really helping too if I have a lot of things to do at home and I still have several web projects pending. I am so flighty too, I mean one minute I’m planning on posting this and that and the next thing you know I’m surfing the web already for discount classroom furniture, which is totally duh?? for me.

So where was I? [Racking brains in the background :D]. Hmm, this post is about Hi-ace’s birthday. I’ve decided to write about his quirks and why he’s the life partner I chose.

My friends first reaction when they met Hi-ace is of surprise. He doesn’t exactly fit my ideals hehe. I like Latino looking guys.Think Enrique Iglesias. A bit rugged looking, someone like Jude Law and I always went for tall guys. I also fancied I would someday marry an engineer or an architect.

So how did I end up with Hi-ace who always gets mistaken for a Korean or a Japanese guy? And on top of that we have the same height. Were both 5’2″ so I’ve given up the glamour of wearing heels everyday 😛 just for him. Can you imagine how not wearing heels feels like for a semi-fashionista like me?

Hi-ace doesn’t like growing stubbles and shaves everyday. So the ‘rugged look’ is out of the question with him. He dresses simply, and he’s a professor so he contends he has to look very professional and for me that translates to ‘dorky’.

So what am I doing with him? And we’ve been together for almost 10 years already. I guess this is one of life’s surprises. Oh yes! It’s nice to have ideals and all that but when it comes down to it what really matters is how you feel about the person. And I never regretted choosing him as my husband.:P But my friends tell me Hi-ace is probably regretting he married me, so you can see where my friends’ loyalty lies now. So why him?

  • We’re not just husband and wife or lovers, were the best of friends. I guess because we started out being good friends before getting into a relationship. This is one of the most important aspects of our relationship – being friends. Companionship and being able to communicate really matters a lot in a marriage and more so if you are in an inter-racial marriage. I could talk to him about anything, I tell him my secrets, I even tell him about my crushes hehe. And he’s the same with me. He even tells me if he finds a girl hot or not!
  • He pampers me. He doesn’t object if I spend the day in a spa or if I suddenly have the urge to have a foot spa. When I’m tired and he’s free, he cooks and washes the dishes without me needing to grovel.
  • We both love to travel. He’s the sort of guy who can be spontaneous and not need to plan every detail of everything.
  • He’s responsible and very supportive. Of course, we women appreciate it if our guy is a good provider and Hi-ace is one. He encourages me in whatever interest I take up and I totally appreciate his support when I decided to quit working and be a stay at home mom. He’s equally understanding of my decision to go full-time with my online blah blahs.
  • Hi-ace is very neat and organized.I hate messy things so I don’t need to follow him around and pick up his stuff. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about him coz it makes things a lot easier for me.
  • He’s good with finances. I mean if its up to me we’ll probably be always broke lol! He’s always thinking about the future, he’s very thrifty but not stingy and rightfully keeps in check my spendthrift tendecies.
  • He and Chinks have a great father-daughter relationship. He takes time to help out with her homework, read books to her, and play with her.
  • Hi-ace is uber patient. Especially with me. I have a terrible temper at times, and sometimes I like baiting him just for the heck of it. But he rarely gets mad and I always end up being the one who is piqued. He understands when I have PMS and my need at times to be alone.
  • He doesn’t hog the TV and lets me have the remote. He doesn’t complain when I’m on the roll with my obsessive channel surfing. He just dozes off instead.
  • He shares my passion for CSI, ER and Grey’s Anatomy, doesn’t cringe when I watch Desperate Housewives or do my occasional DVD marathons of cheesy Asian dramas.
  • He buys me carrot cake for my birthday. I have a thing for carrot cake, I find it delish. So he takes the time to get me one not just on my birthday but also whenever I am simply craving for one.
  • He eats whatever I cook. No complaints. I love to cook and I love experimenting with different dishes and he just eats whatever I concoct without fear of being sick. Sometimes he asks me if I consider him my guinea pig, but hey! he has never been food poisoned with my cooking.
  • Roses are pretty but they are not really for me. I find them so cliche so Hi-ace gives me orchids, lilies or gerbera daisies. Who wouldn’t like a guy who endures an 18-hour flight, two connections and handcarries a box of 3 dozen stems of violet orchids just to surprise me? Sweet huh?

And lastly, he loves me even if I weigh twice as much as I did when I married him. So what if he’s not tall, doesn’t look anything like Enrique Iglesias or Jude Law? I must say, I found myself an ideal husband after all.

Happy Birthay, Hi-ace!

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  1. More power to you; just browsing on your site; pretty impressive! I am married to a Cambodian and currently working in Dubai… got caught up with some of your articles ’bout Cambodge!
    All  the best!

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