Wordless Wednesday: Purple Bloom

Blog Meme, Wordless Wednesday / Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

A Wordless Wednesday entry

Managed to take a snapshot of one of my orchid plants in bloom before the kiddo cut it out and made it the main ingredient in her ‘cooking’ game..=)

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  1. Sreisaat, its a ‘dendrobium’. Eto yung pinakacommon among the dendo orchid variety and pinakamadaling mamulaklak at alagaan. Yup, this is the one ThaiAirways use. And lots of this too sa Changi Airport sa Singpore.
    Speaking of cattleya, I wanna have that pero ewan ko ba I’m not lucky to have ever made one bloom. Maselan kase sya and i love the colors – fave ko is yung pale lilac..

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