Living in Phnom Penh: Yummy Little Neo Donuts

General / Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Let’s see, I’ve been living in Phnom Penh already for more than a year and one of the things I miss in Manila  are doughnuts! I miss Krispy Kreme’s and local Filipino fave GoNuts Donuts! On the upside not having those yummy and sinful treats here in Phnom Penh means a big help to someone always on the diet like me, and I get to stop frantically thinking about fat burners and doing an hour-long treadmill run whenever I overindulge.

When we arrived here last year, whenever I have cravings for doughnuts I’d usually get some from USA Donuts right beside PUC but I dunno what happened coz a few months back I stopped seeing their stores so I just contented myself with those delicious pastries from Java Cafe or The Shop.

But a few weeks ago, Hi-ace came home with a box of cute little doughnuts from Neo Donuts. Their store is right along Mao Tse Toung Blvd. beside the Neo Suki Soup. This is a franchise of the Thai chain, I think. Anyway, though its nowhere near as delish as Krispy Kreme’s but its a good enough substitute for those wanting to have their sweet tooth indulged.

A box (24 pcs) of mini-doughnuts costs about $5 and the regular sized ones goes for about $.50-$.90 cents depending on the flavor.

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  1. Hi there, could you brief me more about this Neo donuts in cambodia ? i couldn’t find it in website ?
    Appreciate your help, thank you

    1. @Ron, its along Mao Tse Tung Blvd. Right next to Neo Suki Soup. I haven’t been there for months so I’m not sure its still there (the donut shop).

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